Complete Implant Smile

If you have missing teeth or loose dentures, dental implants could be the answer to your prayers

Our highly experienced implant dentists at The Dental Health Centre in Grantham can permanently replace missing teeth with dental implants that look, feel and work like the real thing. Our tooth implants in Grantham are specially designed to match and blend in with your existing teeth and can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or provide a secure anchor for bridges or dentures.

Restore your smile with Dental Implants in Grantham

A dental implant is an artificial root made from titanium that replaces the root of a missing tooth. The dental implant can be placed in either the upper or lower jaw and, in time, will bond with your jawbone to create a firm foundation to which a replacement false tooth or denture is fixed. Restore your smile and rebuild your confidence with oral implants that allow you to smile, eat and chew again with absolute confidence.

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14 things you should know about dental implants

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