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Loose dentures are not the only choice

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Dental implant-retained dentures in Grantham

Dental implant-retained dentures are a simple yet effective solution to the many irritations associated with conventional denture wearing.

There are many implant denture systems that purport to solve the problem of loose dentures, and whilst they may be better than an old NHS denture, when you have worn out, flat gums the only real way of making new dentures comfortable and secure is with dental implants.

If you have new well-fitting dentures that you just can’t get on with then it may be possible to add two or four implants and convert these to implant-retained dentures.

Dentures Sleaford

The simplest implant dentures ideally consist of two implants for a lower denture or four implants for an upper denture with attachments called locators that your dentures simply ‘snap’ onto. No more embarrassing moments when they drop out and no further need to avoid your favourite dishes because you cannot chew properly.

For greater stability a bar can be fitted onto four or more implants and a denture then made to fit precisely over this bar. In this design the upper denture can be made without a palate. These dentures on a bar are much more secure and stable. They feel more like your own teeth too because chewing forces are transmitted through the implants rather than the gums. They can still be removed for ease of cleaning, maintenance and repair.

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